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General Health
Latin is a physically demanding form of dance so all participants should be in good health. Where doubt exists, dancers should confirm with their doctor the advisability of Latin dance as a suitable form of exercise.

Clothing should be loose enough to allow freedom of movement but not present a tripping hazard for yourself or anyone else. It should be light-weight and worn in layers to facilitate removal as your body temperature rises during exercise.

Suitable shoes must be worn and properly secured at all times.

Proprietary dance shoes allow grip but facilitate rotation when required and should be worn where available.

Look in
for good value shoes and don't forget to look at the items on sale.
if you like a bit of excitement when you buy

If dance shoes are not available, properly fitting, light weight shoes with soles that provide sufficient grip to prevent slipping but also allow you to rotate when necessary, are required.

If you do wear dance shoes, remember that a disco floor is not a ballroom floor and the soles of your shoes may become heavily contaminated. You should therefore also purchase a wire brush suitable for maintaining the soles of your shoes. If possible, keep one pair of shoes solely for discos.

The maximum lady's heel height for dancing should be 2.5 inches and, if you intend to use the shoes for demo or competitive dance, flesh coloured shoes are best. Black should be avoided for all but social dancing.

Dance Shoe Care
The following advice applies to dance shoes only, ie shoes with suede soles.

Never polish - you will ruin your partner's shoes - so clean only with a damp cloth.

Brush frequently with the correct brush to keep the soles fluffy

If the dance floor feels slippy, brush the soles of your shoes with the correct brush.

If brushing is not sufficient, put a very small amount of water on the ground - about the size of a 50p piece - and work it well into the soles of both shoes.(Make sure you leave no water on the floor when you have finished)

Never be tempted to put talc or wax on a dance floor, or on your shoes, as it will turn the dance floor into a 'skating rink'.

Safety rules when Dancing
1. If you feel uncomfortable or feel pain at any time stop.
2. Tense muscles will lead to sore muscles or mobility problems for you or your partner, so stay relaxed at all times.
3. If, while dancing, you become unsure, relax your muscles (particularly your shoulder and arm muscles) and stop - don't tense up.
4. Consider other dancers and don't monopolise the dance floor.
5. Dancers who are leading, and men in particular, should ensure that they 'lead' their partners and not force them.
6.If you are concerned at any time about the behaviour of a partner, excuse yourself and sit out the dance. Be sure to advise the instructor of your concerns.
7. Show consideration to other dancers. If you bump into anyone or stand on someone's foot, apologise.
8. Select your footware with suitability for dancing, not fashion, in mind. Bad footwear can lead to serious injury. Slipping is caused if shoes have insufficient grip. Pulled muscles or falling is caused by trying to turn with shoes which have too much grip.

1. You will meet lots of lovely people while dancing, and make many friends, but ensure that you know someone well before sharing personal information.
2. Do not bring valuable items when you go dancing as you will be away from your seat and any belongings will be out of view for long periods.
3.Where possible, do not bring a handbag. If you must, ensure that only items you are prepared to lose are left in it.

The most important rule of all for the gentlemen involved in dance is to remember, you are dancing with a "lady".
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